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Phalak Kumar


Phalak is an extremely confident, capable and focused team member of Ray White in Dubbo and hopes to bring his vast knowledge, skills and experiences to his clients and workplace. 

Growing up in India’s capital city Delhi, Phalak has an appreciation for family values, culture and people, thus enabling him to demonstrate a worldly insight into the real estate industry. Being bilingual also gives him a unique understanding of his clients and their evolving needs in today’s society and allows him to connect on a variety of different levels within his local community.

Moving to Australia in 2015, Phalak completed his Bachelor of Business (majoring in accounting and finance) at the Swinburne University of Technology in 2018. He then proceeded to work as an accountant but found his passion and enthusiasm for real estate was a pursuit he could not ignore. Hence, Phalak is highly motivated and driven to succeed in whatever he puts his mind to, guaranteeing that he will aim to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and high-quality service to each and every person. 

Phalak has lived in Sydney, Melbourne and Wollongong prior to residing in Dubbo, allowing him to gain knowledge about the property market in both regional and metropolitan areas and enjoys his active social life and sports. He is a passionate sportsperson, thoroughly enjoying playing cricket and attending the gym, thus displaying his sense of community and discipline in all aspects of his life. 

Real estate is not just about buying and selling houses for Phalak, but rather an opportunity to build and sustain a lasting relationship with each and every client. His untiring, meticulous efforts and professional approach to all aspects of this industry will exceed expectations, guaranteeing that he will create an easy, supportive and dependable atmosphere.