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Tips for Winter Maintenance

You can prepare and protect your investment with these seasonal maintenance tips.

  • Fences and gates take a beating during the summer months. Inspect yours for weather or pest damage. Replace or repair any damaged parts. Repaint or refinish as needed. And lubricate the hardware to protect from rust.
  • Call a professional to winterize your air conditioner. This will add years to its life.
  • Clean and flush the gutters and down pipes before the rainy season starts. It is a good idea to install gutter guards or replace deteriorated ones.
  • Check the roof at the same time for any dislodged tiles or sheeting.
  • Schedule any needed fireplace maintenance/cleaning early before peak use periods.
  • Cut back any overlapping tree branches to avoid wind damage.
  • Hot summer sun may have damaged exterior caulking. Check and repair it as needed.
  • Check your hot water system/boiler for installation date. They generally have a lifespan of about 8-10 years. Boilers that are outdoors expand and contract even more with the drop in temperature. This may have a common burst effect.
  • Slippery surfaces with common fungi build up should be treated and non slip product added to avoid any unforeseen accidents. These may include driveways, balconies, patios and garage floors

Prevention and early detection is the key to great maintenance practices.  For further details on how to prepare your investment property for the winter months call the helpful team at Ray White Dubbo on 6884 1555.